How to Overcome Fear of Failure and Achieve Success

May 11, 2019

There is no one specific reason on how to overcome fear of failure and achieve success.


There is however one common denominator.


Most people confuse remembering … with thinking. When you go to a memory that really hurts you, you feel it. Don’t you? Almost like it is really there. Is that true? And as you go back to that memory you feel like you were there and you still feel like s/he is doing it, or they are doing it to you. Is that true? That is because most people confuse remembering … with thinking. So they come in and then they tell me that, “I’m always afraid in a particular situation”, or, “I can never get myself to do this”. And it has to do with their remembering, that in the past they have never been able to do something, so therefore they won’t be able to do it now.

Here is the cause.

"Who is it really, inside you, doing it to you now?" 

"Who is doing it when you go to your memory now?"



Now this is so important, when you start to understand this. You are the movie director and when you play the movie, who is really hurting you now?


You, aren’t you?


So whenever you think about it, you have big pictures in your mind, and voices and feelings moving in the same direction. So the craziest part, you keep re-doing it to you. This is a form of self-abuse. Not only that, this is a great affirmation, if you like to be abused.


Here is the thing. If you never address this memory that is sitting right at the back of your head, it is going to project through your eyes and you are still going to pick the wrong person or situation that is perfect for you. So the only way you are going to create a new life and a new world, is to go back to all of the "you's" and make peace with these people.


History is only as good as the story teller.


Here is something I would like you to understand. Every person, every memory, every bad emotion, every bad experience, everything inside you, is really who? You! And if you don’t make peace with yourself, you know what you are ultimately saying. “I like it. Give me more."


When, what thinking really is, is reversing all those processes, putting up new big shiny pictures in your heads and talking to yourself with a better voice and spinning your feelings in the opposite direction; That is to think, instead of remember, because remembering produces a state called hesitation. And thinking leads to action.


Some people come in and they say. “It’s just that I think this …”And they are not really thinking , they are remembering … and when you stop remembering what you can’t do and start thinking; you can do things that will amaze you, and lead you to a successful and fulfilling life.


If you are struggling with negative memories/emotions and require assistance, Time Based Technique is highly recommended for healing work. Time Based Techniques is a very effective approach that can swiftly and easily help an individual to overcome the main five negative perceptions, such as fear, anger, hurt, sadness, guilt and other negative emotions related to the main emotions, such as anxiety and stress for instance. Including limiting beliefs and most phobias.


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