One Session - Pain Level 8 - To Pain Free - No Drug Intervention

December 4, 2018





In one session – pain level 8 - to pain free – no drug intervention.


Carolina Gasparre age 77.


This is her story.


Carolina went about her daily routine; and this one morning it was coming back from Pick n Pay for grocery shopping; customarily with her shopping trolley. Whilst crossing the road, a car on the opposite side decided to take the gap and cross into the side lane she had just stepped off. Carolina stepped back in fright and twisted her ankle.


When I heard her story that night I asked if I could intervene and help with the pain she was experiencing, as she clearly was experiencing pain; her ankle was swollen and it showed in her face. She said she would do a compress of vinegar and take two Gen-Payne capsules. I responded, as it was not harmful, could I use a technique to alleviate the pain she was experiencing anyway? Carolina eventually conceded and agreed.


After 90 minutes Carolina’s pain was gone. She could rotate and step on her foot without a problem. However, psychologically her brain could not conceive that her pain was gone and she said “I am going to feel pain tonight when I go to bed and move around in my sleep” I replied to this by telling her that, if she had no pain now, that she would sleep like normal; and that she was not to contradict what had just happened, with the fear of feeling pain during her sleep. This made sense to her and she proceeded with a further statement saying. “I won’t do the compress nor take the Gen-Payne" (her way of just checking if it worked). “If the pain is still there, then I will take it in the morning”. Which I thought was a healthy change in attitude. (None the less, it would be something that would require medical attention, if the pain persisted and/or did not abate and if the swelling changed in colour).


The next morning I asked Carolina how she slept, and if she was in any pain. To her surprise she said “no”. I came back from work and asked her again. And she said, “no pain”. I then asked Carolina what she had thought of the session. She said,

“For me, it was like praying."


This was her interpretation of the technique. Everyone would experience it, in a different way.


This … is my mother.


As a part of a new technique that I am incorporating, which also has NLP components, addresses physical pain that are emotionally driven (inner communication) and expressed through your body. This physical build-up of pain can be reduced as soon as one is helped to change the way one represent their inner world of feelings.

Time Based Techniques produces profound results and can alleviate/remove phobias; eliminate false, limiting or negative perception, such as fear, anger, hurt, sadness, guilt, or “I am not good enough …” with positive, life affirming beliefs; allowing one to be more flexible; both in their conscious and unconscious mind. It is a matter of becoming self-aware of ones thoughts and actions. I find this particular NLP technique amazing.


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