COACHING - My Passion is Engaging the Client

February 7, 2019


One of my passions lies in Solution Focused Coaching Communication, because it draws on the clients competencies. It differs from the other more traditional forms of intervention. The task of solving the problem is approached by seeking to move towards what is wanted. Thus it is not problem-orientated but rather favours the "here and now" looking into the future.


In Solution Focused Approach the coach intentionally refrains from making interpretations. This approach seldom opposes their client. Little attention is given to history taking and only focuses on the past to the degree necessary for communicating empathy and accurate understanding of the clients concerns. In order to cultivate effective solutions the coach searches attentively through the client's life experiences for exceptions rather than deficits; and strengths rather than weaknesses. When exceptions are identified the coach invites the client to envision their preferred future by describing what their life will be like when the problem is either gone or managed so satisfactorily that it no longer constitutes a problem.


Solution Focused Approach focuses on what the client is doing that is working. Small changes pave the way for larger changes. Solution Focused Approach adopts a "not-knowing stance", because the coach has the expertise in the process of change, but the client is the true expert on their own lives and what they want changed. In this way the client feels empowered, develops a healthy self-esteem which inspires him/her to act proactively.


Some useful Solution Focused opening questions to keep in mind are:


"What have you done since you called for your appointment that has made a difference in your problem?"


"What do you want from coming here?"


"What might be the signs that the changes you want are happening?"

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