Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Based Techniques for stress, fear, sadness, guilt, anger and feelings of hurt.

NLP Time Based Techniques (TBT) identifies memories of past events that have a negatives unconscious effect on your life. Through the exploration of these emotions one gains valuable insight to the root cause of the problem and thus is able to preserve the learnings and clear the negative emotions attached to events or memories.

NLP Time Based Technique produces remarkable results, whether one is rich or poor, educated or not. Emotions, in my case - serious negative emotions are experienced by many regardless of their financial or cultural status.

Coaching and Developing Self-Awareness

I offer one on one coaching in the Solution Focused Approach Coaching and Communication.

I have found my facilitating and coaching journey to be highly rewarding. Without a doubt I have initiated a continuous learning process in conjunction with the client/participants.

Different avenues are explored with client/participant/s and it always amazes me how much the client feels empowered by their untapped talents and abilities.

I value ideas and views expressed by a client and I am always impressed by the honesty the client brings into a coaching session.


It is the exploration of ideas that brings about awareness which results in the development of planning that brings about change.

  • Certified Practitioner of the Art and Science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • Time Based Techniques Diploma

  • Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy

  • Higher Certificate in Counselling and Communication Skills

  • Certified Practitioner of Hypnotherapy

  • The Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ANLP)

  • Association of Integrative Pyschology (AIP)


6 Main Road, Three Anchor Bay, Cape Town

For appointments and enquiries, kindly contact me on 072 039 8444 or email me on contact@francescagasparre.com

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